Drawing & Painting

Beginning Watercolors

Jan 25 – Mar 22
Beginner | Beyond Beginner
1 pm – 4 pm 
Instructor: Juliet Thorburn-McIntosh
Members: $260
Non-Members: $285
This course is designed for beginners and provides students with a foundation in watercolor painting. It also includes learning about mixing colors, basic application techniques including washes, blending and composition. Come and enjoy the magic of watercolor painting in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Supply List

Watercolor paints such as Cotman Student watercolors in tubes by Winsor & Newton or something comparable.
A variety of watercolor paint brushes, preferably round ones
1 or 2 palettes with deeper wells
Good quality watercolor paper or pad - cold press and medium weight preferably, size 12" x 9" or larger
1 - 2 medium sized water containers for rinsing brushes
1 spray bottle for water to mix paints with
1 or 2 drawing pencils HB, B or 2B, or a mechanical pencil equivalent
1 white eraser- Staedtler brand or equivalent
1 good pencil sharpener
Paper towels, preferably the more absorbent type like Bounty
1 drawing board or flat surface to support the paper
1 roll masking tape
1 or 2 small cotton painting towels