Ceramics, Printmaking

Clayprinting: The Legacy of Mitch Lyons 

Feb 26 and 27
All Levels
10 am – 4 pm (30-minute lunch break) 
Instructor: Meredith Wakefield 
Members: $115
Non-Members: $135
Learn this unique technique by artist Mitch Lyons, whose work is represented in the Museum’s collection. Using a mixture of printmaking techniques and materials for ceramics, students learn the entire process of making sophisticated clay monoprints of their own.
Supply List

Please bring $40 cash or check to pay instructor for specialty supplies. Students should also bring:

Newsprint pad (18” x 24”)
Joint Tape/paper tape (no adhesive) small roll – available at hardware stores


Empty cottage cheese/yogurt/margarine containers (16 oz.)
Paint brushes (1” to 3”)
Stencils, texturing tools
Apron & rag