Kitchen Table Printmaking (VIRTUAL)

Jan 25
All Levels
1 pm – 2:30 pm
Instructor: Diane Podolsky
Members: $35
Non-Members: $45
Do you want a simple method to create wonderful works of art or useful gifts like coasters and patterned paper? Low tech printmaking to the rescue! Use simple items you most likely have in your home and basic art supplies to learn some tried and true techniques to make your unique mark. Whether you have never printed or are a seasoned printmaker who wants a refresher on some long-forgotten techniques, join us for a virtual print-fest!
Supply List

Basic art supplies needed:

Paper – computer paper fine
Acrylic paint (at least three colors)
Cosmetic sponges (from supermarket or dollar store)
Pencil & Pen
Paper or foam plate or tray
Cup of water
Stamp pad (best is an archival one like Ranger, however, any stamp pad will do fine)
Large spoon
Newspaper or other table cover
Optional: watercolor (Crayola brand fine), colored pencils, markers

Other objects you need:

Kitchen string or shoelace, or yarn, or twine
A few fresh leaves
At least two of these vegetables: piece of celery, end of an onion, piece of lettuce or kale, okra, end slice of a bell pepper, any fresh herbs (rosemary, sage, mint).
Other textured items (have at least three of these): piece of corrugated cardboard, piece of bubble wrap, netting from a produce bag, rubber bands, piece of lace fabric, square plastic eraser, corks, old lacy doilies, small piece of rubberized shelf lining (the kind with textured dots, not smooth) Note: these items will get soiled. Do not use items you want to keep in good condition.