Drawing & Painting

Watercolor Travel Sketching

Sept 29 - Nov 3
All Levels
9 am - noon
Instructor: Caroline Coolidge Brown
Members: $175
Non-Members: $200
Learn the art of urban sketching and travel journaling using pen, pencil and watercolors. Students will learn to draw and paint quickly from life and on the go. Emphasis will be on capturing a moment (like a traveler) rather than the perfection of a photo. Students will build journal pages with multiple studies, text and vignettes. Lessons will include color basics, long looking and quick sketching, composition, collage and lettering. No experience needed to join in the camaraderie of group sketching!
Supply List
  • Permanent black pens, fine and brush sizes (Faber Castell, Sharpie, or Copic)
  • A good pencil and eraser
  • Glue stick
  • Bound sketch journal with watercolor paper, around 9” x 12” (I like the Moleskine watercolor journals, 11.75” or 16.5”, available at DickBlick.com)
  • Basic watercolor set in a tray with an attached mixing palette (travel or regular size)
  • A couple of good quality watercolor brushes (my favorite is the medium size Niji waterbrush – the handle can be filled with water for easy painting on the go)
  • Screw-lid container with water
  • A cloth rag or a couple of paper towels