Museum Council

The Museum Council is a volunteer organization that organizes special events to raise funds to support youth engagement in the arts, art conservation, and other special programs. Some examples of recent Council fundraising events include:

  • The Holiday House Tour
  • Makers craft sale during the Winter Arts Festival
  • Art lover’s trips to many interesting museums in the region
  • Book sales in support of the The Helen Farr Sloan Library and Archives

The Council provides members the opportunity to:

  • Use and develop their special skills by providing a wide range of leadership and volunteer activities
  • Enhance their own knowledge and appreciation of the arts through its regular meetings, travel-related opportunities, and art activities
  • Socialize and work with people who share a common interest in promoting the arts

Anyone who is a member of the Delaware Art Museum and who has the time and energy to invest is invited to apply for Museum Council membership. To apply, click here.