Copeland Sculpture Garden

With 20 sculptures by nationally recognized artists presented in a setting that integrates indigenous plants, the Copeland Sculpture Garden offers visitors a pleasant walk through the Delaware Art Museum’s lush surroundings. Throughout the warmer months, the Sculpture Garden is also the site of community events and music performances. DelArt’s outdoor gallery features a mix of sculptures from the collection as well as items on loan. Dedicated in 2006 by Tatiana Copeland in honor of her husband, Gerret, and his parents, Pamela and Lammot duPont Copeland, the space incorporates the existing wooded areas and lawns that were part of the original Samuel and Mary R. Bancroft estate.

The earliest sculpture in the Garden, Domenico Mortellito’s Protecting the Future, dates from 1966-1967, and is a commentary on pollution. The massive kneeling figure protects the small child from a cloud of pollutants swirling overhead. The collection also includes fine examples of abstract metal sculpture from the 1970s and 1980s. Works of art by Betty Gold, Joe Moss, David Stromeyer, and Isaac Witkin show the tendency at that period to work on an increasingly larger scale. George Rickey’s Three Rectangles Horizontal Jointed Gyratory III fuses aesthetics with precise engineering by using large steel forms that are moved lightly by the wind.

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