Mission & Vision

Organization Mission

The mission of the Museum is “to connect people to art, offering an inclusive and essential community resource that through its collections, exhibitions, and programs, generates creative energy that sustains, enriches, empowers, and inspires.”

Vision for the Future

Strengthened connections to the community are a part of the changing role museums are called to play in the 21st century. Today’s museums must be outward reaching organizations that help build vibrant communities and shape, brand, and strengthen a city. But how do we measure such a complex goal? What will success truly look like?

The Museum is not embarking on a “plan”; it’s embracing a mindset that balances relevance and sustainability. To accomplish this, the Museum will continuously tweak, shift—and even leap at change when necessary—to meet the twin objectives of relevance and sustainability. The Museum’s goal is to change and strengthen our current audience’s perceived value in the Museum and to create a sense of value where none currently exists for new audiences. Through a focus on deepening relationships we believe we can increase our value to the community and help transform Wilmington into a vibrant, culturally significant community that is able to attract new businesses and residents. If the Delaware Art Museum is successful over the next two years, we are confident that the Museum will be successful for the next three, four, five, six years and beyond.

Current DelArt Strategic Plan
DelArt’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion