Mission & Vision


The Delaware Art Museum connects people to art, offering an inclusive and essential community resource that through its collections, exhibitions, and programs, generates creative energy that sustains, enriches, empowers, and inspires.

Vision for the Future

The Delaware Art Museum will boldly lead the region in inclusion, access, and relevance for the visual and creative arts.

Current DelArt Strategic Plan


Art Connects Us.
We use art to create community connections, foster empathy, educate and inspire, and make meaning of our world.
We authentically listen to each other and our community. We are committed to inclusion and anti-racism.
Be Bold.
Our museum will boldly evolve, adapt, and be open to changes that help our community grow and thrive.

DelArt’s Commitment to Inclusion

Founded in 1912, the Delaware Art Museum has existed as an institution of both esteem and power. We acknowledge and do not shy away from our complicity in a legacy of exclusion. We are committed to changing the power structure, silence, and systems that have historically driven that exclusivity.

The Delaware Art Museum is inclusive, equitable, and welcoming. We are nimble and flexible in the face of change, endeavoring to always be of public value, and center community voices.

The Museum staff and board are committed to moving forward with a clear vision and values rooted in equal opportunity, co-creation, and respect in decision making. Our deepest work is to be a community anchor. We lead with empathy, never forgetting our responsibility to listen, learn, and embrace all perspectives.