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Urban Sketching Workshop (2-day workshop)

Jun 24, 2023
Members: $85
Non-Members: $105

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Urban sketching can be a great way to explore the visual world around you, express yourself creatively, and enjoy the company of likeminded sketchers in casual outings. This two-day outdoor workshop will introduce you to basic tools and techniques for urban sketching, as well as covering more advanced topics like how to draw what you see more accurately.

Topics will include choosing a subject; arranging a composition; sketching in pencil, pen, markers and watercolor; understanding basic perspective, and judging proportions when sketching houses, streets and commercial buildings. The sessions will include a demo by the instructor, Charley Parker. All experience levels welcome.


  • Pencils and eraser
  • Waterproof pens— pigment fine liners (markers), or fountain pen with waterproof ink
  • Portable watercolor kit
  • Water brush — brush with hollow plastic handle that carries water
  • Sketchbook — if working in watercolor, 140lb (300gsm) paper is preferred
  • Something to sit on – camp stool or folding chair
  • Ruler or triangle, optional

For a list of more detailed recommendations, feel free to email Rebecca at rhowell@delart.org.