Letters from John Sloan to Will and Selma Shuster, undated and 1921-1947

John Sloan (1871-1951) and Will Shuster (1893-1969) first met in Santa Fe in the summer of 1920. Sloan and his wife Dolly (Anna W. Sloan) first vacationed in Santa Fe in 1919. Shuster and his wife Helen first arrived in Santa Fe from Philadelphia in March 1920, with the hope of arresting the progress of his tuberculosis. Sloan and Shuster were together only four to five months out of the year, when Sloan was in Santa Fe. The rest of the year, while Shuster remained in Santa Fe and Sloan returned to his home in New York City, the two corresponded through lengthy letters.

This collection consists of correspondence, primarily from John Sloan to Will Shuster, spanning their 30-year friendship. Some of the correspondence is between Helen Farr Sloan and Will Shuster, written shortly after Sloan’s death in 1951.