Communicare℠ Cohort (6 week session)

Communual Care Cohort

Step into a healing space with Kyma Flugence, the vocalist and visionary behind the empowering mantra “I Love Myself,” to present an immersive journey guided by her latest book, “Love Heals.” Embark on a transformative 6-part book club and art series designed to nurture the somatic care of our inner child, gently addressing the stories of trauma that reside within each of us. Through readings, alongside the experience of KYMA’s music supported by expressive art, we are invited to delve into the depths of self-love and healing.

KYMA invites us to embrace storytelling through song, writings, and art as powerful tools for self-discovery and communal care. In this healing community, we create a safe space where the voices of our inner child, often silenced by past experiences, can finally be heard and honored. Join us as we embark on this profound exploration of self-love, healing, and creative expression, nurturing a community of resilience and empowerment.