Team Building Activities

In the galleries or in our studios these team building activities offer a unique way to bring co-workers together to think outside the box and have fun.

Team Building Activities will resume Fall 2022.

In the Galleries

1 hour, 10 people minimum (choose one)

Teambuilding Tour: Tour includes various activities throughout the galleries.

Scavenger Hunt: Teams are challenged to follow clues and collect information around the Museum.

In the Studio

1.5 hour, 10 people minimum (choose one)

Community Sculpture: Working as a group or in pairs, participants will sculpt clay elements to contribute to one large sculpture. The pieces will be fired at the Museum and can be used as a physical reminder back in the office of a productive and creative day with coworkers.

Abstract Printing: Teams will work together to layer texture and color to make a series of unique works of art. This art project encourages creativity and respect for different approaches to problem solving.

Creative Diversions

20–30 minutes

Mid-meeting Activity: Offer your team a chance to take a break and recharge.

Other Activities

Creativity Station: Add a creativity station to your corporate event.

Artini: Your team enjoys a beverage station with beer, wine, and snacks and receives private instruction in our studio. Choose between a ceramics project or abstract painting.

Learn More

For more information about team building activities at the Delaware Art Museum, or to schedule an appointment, please contact:

Lauren McMahon
Event and Rental Manager