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The Delaware Art Museum offers reimagined art galleries and spectacular special exhibitions to explore through private tours for groups of 10 – 60. The Museum offers a 9-acre sculpture garden, Museum store, boutique café, and group catering options. DelArt is close to both city of Wilmington attractions and Brandywine Valley museums and gardens. Free on-site parking accommodates tour buses and personal vehicles, and restrooms are plentiful and accessible. Special discounts are available to tour group operators. To reserve a tour, contact Lauren McMahon at 302.351.8530 or

Guided Tours

Special Exhibition: A Marriage of Arts & Crafts: Evelyn & William De Morgan (Oct 22, 2022 – Feb 19, 2023)
Arts and Crafts pottery maker William De Morgan (1839-1917) and Pre-Raphaelite painter Evelyn De Morgan (1855-1919) lived in harmony as married artists in Victorian England. A power couple, they encouraged one another’s creative pursuits and engaged in the social issues of their day. William De Morgan created brilliantly colored tiles, pots, and plates with distinctive, shimmering lustre-ware surfaces. Evelyn De Morgan took inspiration from Botticelli to create richly symbolic paintings of modern subjects. This visually stunning exhibition makes its American debut at the Delaware Art Museum.

Museum Highlights
See exquisite highlights of the Delaware Art Museum’s Pre-Raphaelite, American, illustration, and contemporary art collections on this one hour tour.

Howard Pyle: Giant of the Brandywine
Join us for a tour exploring the talents of Howard Pyle—artist, writer, and teacher—as we view and discuss the works of this consummate colorist and his talented students. Vincent Van Gogh was struck “dumb with admiration” when viewing work by this giant of the golden age of American illustration. We will look at works on canvas along with actual copies of the magazines where they appeared as well view works by Pyle’s women students, many of whom became giants on their own.

The Pre-Raphaelites
Rebels with a Cause: Picture this: 1848, endless talent, and confidence galore. The self-named Pre-Raphaelite artists, along with their circle of creative women and men, were young rebels in their day. They produced truthful pictures with vivid colors as well as designing glorious stained glass, ceramics, and jewelry in the arts and crafts movement. Join us on a tour that highlights their evolving art and depictions of strong narratives, fantasy, and beauty.

Eight Against the World
John Sloan and the Ashcan School: Join us for a tour exploring the works of John Sloan and the Eight – artists who challenged the genteel style and subject matter dictated by the National Academy of Design and instead infused their art with the vigor of everyday American life. At the dawn of the 20th century, these artists were instrumental in developing a truly American way of art.

Contemporary Artists
Modern artists absorbed cubism, abstract expressionism, and all the other “isms” in conjunction with a new freedom to articulate a vision of their own. Voices of artists who may once have been marginalized can certainly be heard in our galleries! Join us as we delight in the energy, emotion, and messages of contemporary works, while constructing connections to the past.

Embrace the Shape
Sculptors manipulate plaster, wood, steel, marble, terra-cotta, bronze, glass, and even materials like lite-brite pegs to express an idea or vision. Join us for a tour that will focus on many of the museum’s sculptural works, including some that will expand your notion of what a sculpture is and how the medium makes an impact.

Landscapes of the Mind
Join us for a tour that explores landscape in its many incarnations, styles, and materials. We will compare countryside, cityscape, seascape, and wilderness scenes – both figurative and abstract. If you are looking for the traditional, we have it. If you are looking to expand your notions of landscape, we also have that.

Face Off: Powerful Portraits
From images of a former Delaware slave who became a leading minister and agent of change in the Delaware Valley, to portraits of a rising economic class, to painted “selfies” that artists conceive, to less traditional impressions that don’t even have realistic faces, we will consider the role of portraits in our culture and what they tell us about the subject of the work, the artists, and ourselves.

Women of Myth and Legend
Myths and legends have evolved around women through history. Art reflects the depth and lasting nature of these over time. We will look at artworks which are based upon these myths and legends and discover their stories.

Love, Lies, and Oil Paint
Love is beautiful – and often deceitful and treacherous. Join us on a tour exploring fascinating, classic love stories and the artists who bring them to life. From the true to the mythic, each emphasizes story telling through art. This tour is both interactive and informative with opportunities for reflection and responses.

Curses, Spells and Other Bewitching Tales
All through history artists have delighted us with their images of ancient myths and literary works. Join us on a tour that moves from one luscious tale to another. These stories tantalize us with an array of spells, both dark and bright.

The Many Looks of Love in Art
Let this tour of the many aspects of love warm your heart or bring you to tears. In some of the works we explore, the “love” theme is obvious. In others, love is subtly suggested or may require “the story behind the art.”

Interplay: Art and Music in the Galleries
Music and art have a close relationship. Music has helped to create inspiration for many artists throughout the ages. Join us for a tour exploring the connections between music and the art and artists in our collection. Classical, jazz, and popular pieces were inspiring and/or defining for many artists. We will look and listen during this tour that combines two of our senses to create a beautiful whole.

New York . . . . New York or A New York State of Mind
Using a map of Manhattan, we will explore how different artists used their eyes and brushes to depict this great metropolis.

The Untour: Exploring Art Another Way
Join us for a creative and fun experience as we explore the Museum.