Drawing & Painting

Landscape Watercolors

Sep 19 – Nov 7
All Levels
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Instructor: Wendy Hatch
Members: $230
Non-Members: $255
This watercolor class will focus on the traditional landscape with painting demonstrations for skies, water, greenery, and buildings in a relaxed setting.
Supply List
  • 11"x15" Strathmore spiral pad of watercolor paper   
  • Set of watercolor paints: The cheap end is a Crayola children's snap tin or a nice quality set of Winsor - Newton small tube paints. Check to be sure your set includes a tube of Paynes Grey and find your price point between the two options. I demonstrate with the Crayola set and recommend rewarding yourself with better paints as you progress.  
  • Brushes: set of 5 or 6 synthetic short or long handled brushes in the $10 - $15 range; they should include a flat 3/4" - 1", flat 3/8", and assorted sizes to fill out the package  
  • Palette: white dinner sized hard plastic plate or white vacuum formed 10"x 13" palette  
  • Sponge: 1"x2" corner of a household kitchen sponge, or small natural sponge  
  • Extras:  
    • Water container  
    • Sketch paper (anything), pencil, kneaded eraser  
    • A few soft paper towels, or Kleenex, or soft rag  
  • (Optional) Liquid mask and bar of hotel soap  
  • (Optional) Hair dryer and extension cord 
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